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Investing in good people, scalable opportunities and bright ideas. At Karbon we have the flexibility to invest in people we like to work with, Ideas that we would love to come up with ourselves. What makes us tick is seeing opportunities that has the potential to scale and take a strong position in the marketplace In Norway and beyond.

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Investment Philosophy

Karbon Invest AS has the flexibility to invest across industries as long as we believe that we have the ability to add to the founders, management and board. We don`t want to be just financial investors, we want to learn from the people we invest in and are more than willing to give back from the many years of experience in scaling companies both geographically and in size.

Public Companies

10% to have an impact

When Karbon Invest takes a position in listed companies we want to achieve at least a 10% stake, get a board seat and align our strategies with the board and management.

Typical investments would be where we see that we can be of help when there is an ambition of scaling internationally or when there is a need for capital to finance an acquisition or development of next generation solutions.


Typical 30 % ownership when there is a proven concept and ambitious plans.

Karbon loves to work with companies that has gone through the early face of maturing. Where there is a need to organize the company to make sure that management and the organization is ready for leveling up the business.

Typically we agree with the management and owners of a 5 year ambition and we establish a clear strategy that will give us an opportunity to fullfill that ambition.

Karbon will finance the ambition, take an equity position and seat(s) at the board to ensure that we work together for a common goal

Real Estate

Long term investments on attractive properties with the intention to keep

We invest in office and housing properties with the aim to keep the properties long term. We are happy to own properties together with a select few partners with the same strategy but are not shying away from owning the properties 100%.

The property value we are looking for is typically in 50 to 300mNOK and centrally located in the South-Eastern parts of Norway.