Karbon Invest is an investment company with investments in unlisted and listed companies as well as real estate. Our owners, Jens Rugseth and Rune Syversen, are among others, founders behind companies such as Crayon Group, Link Mobility, Mnemonic and 99X.

We know the industry

40 years of experience in
the investment market

Common to all our companies is that they have strong teams, scalable business models and a potential to become an international leader in their industry. With technology experience being our background, we actively apply technology in our companies to create lasting competitive advantages.

Karbon Invest is characterized by being an active, long-term, constructive and lead owner in the companies in which we invest. Our contribution is recognized through active participation at board level, but perhaps even more important, through daily sparring and assistance. Among other things, Karbon Invest assists the portfolio companies in setting the strategic direction, development of business plans and being a discussion partner during strategic decisions. Further we actively support and drive, when need be, M&A processes, scale-up and taking companies international and making sure companies are sufficiently financed for growth.

We are close to our companies, and are thorough when considering new investments. Karbon Invest currently has a value-adjusted equity of around NOK 4 billion.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

-Benjamin Franklin.

Understanding the market​

Karbon’s founders have several years of operational experience from both early-stage and mature companies. They have extensive experience from scale-ups in both the Nordic region and internationally. We therefore have the best conditions to be able to help companies in scaling, internationalization, financing growth and not least establish winning sales strategies.

Build People's Dreams

Succeeding at creating a business is a wonderful feeling, but it involves hard work. If you want to be able to achieve your ambitions, it is absolutely crucial to have a good strategy, a lot of courage, but perhaps first and foremost colleagues and supporters who are with you all the way from an idea to a success. Karbon has done this route several times and may be the crucial supporter you and your company need to make your dream come true

Work Hard to Succeed

We know that a company’s success is not decided at the board meeting, or the general meeting. We strongly believe it is the owners, the board, management and the employees’ collective efforts on a daily basis that builds stone upon stone, and forms the basis to success in the horizon. With Karbon you will have a partner who continues every step of the process to create a strong business.

Public companies


Real estate

The Norwegian Transparency Act

The Norwegian Transparency Act, becomes effective from July 2022. This act requires certain companies to conduct due diligence activities to ensure they are operating responsibly, respecting human rights and decent working conditions.


Karbon Invest’s due diligence report for 2022 compliance to the Norwegian Transparency Act is accessible for download below.